DAA Cookbook

Digital Analytics Cookbook Recipes

The Digital Analytics Cookbook is an initiative by the Digital Analytics Association to capture effective, replicable digital analyses that can be shared, developed and implemented by members of the Association. These digital analyses are called “recipes,” and the recipes combined comprise the Cookbook.

The digital analytics industry is fast-paced, and innovation is key to maintaining a high standard on the job. The qualities of the world of digital analytics make it an exciting industry to be in, but also highlight the need for an exchange of ideas that allow analysts to spend less time inventing the wheel, and more time pressing forward.

The Digital Analytics Cookbook is the ultimate tool to establish best practices across the industry by the sharing, creating, and replicating of digital analyses by DAA members. The original recipes in the Cookbook are from luminaires in the field, with the repository growing and evolving every day. The analyses are easy-to-follow, with step-by-step instructions for implementing the analyses at your own organization.

You can find links to free samples of a Digital Analytics Cookbook Webinar and Digital Analytics Recipes on our sample benefits page.

Prospective members can view summaries of the recipes here. DAA members can view full recipes here

Other examples of recipes include:

Once you've tried the recipes, get in on the conversation on the blog and social media using #DAARecipes.
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