The DAA CWA exam is offered in an Internet-Based Testing format. To improve the testing experience for certification candidates, the CWA exam is now administered on an internet-based testing platform.  

About the DAA Web Analyst Certification Program™

The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Web Analyst Certification Program™ is a voluntary certification program. The purpose of the program is to provide a mechanism for individuals to obtain professional recognition after demonstrating their knowledge of and competency within the web analytics industry. Certification will be issued to each qualified person upon meeting DAA's required education, experience, and examination requirements.

Benefits of Certification

Certification places professionals with the credential apart from those without it. DAA Certified Web Analysts™ demonstrate a commitment to the profession and a desire to reach the highest standards. Certification provides individuals with:

  • Public recognition of professional achievement
  • Credential that demonstrates expertise in web analytics
  • Enhanced credibility to clients and employers
  • Competitive advantage over non-certified individuals
  • Improved likelihood of employment and advancement within the field

Employers use certification to make informed decisions. Certification provides employers with a means to:

  • Identify potential new hires that already possess your company’s required expertise
  • Promote your company’s capabilities by employing certified web analysts
  • Enhance services provided from both a quality and financial perspective
  • Maintain a more productive human asset
  • Ensure ongoing professional development and proficiency of employees
  • Motivate employees to expand their knowledge and skills

Promotional activities are currently being developed by DAA that will help employers and potential clients identify and understand the benefits of working with individuals who have obtained the designation of a DAA Certified Web Analyst™.

How to Prepare for the CWA Exam

Review Diana Huang's blog on Preparing for the CWA Exam, My 2 Cents for one candidates tips and recommendations.


Check out what others are saying on our Testimonials page.

Knowledge Required

The Knowledge Required for Certification provides an overview of the broad domain of knowledge required for DAA Web Analyst Certification™.

Exam Resources

The DAA offers sample exam questions and other resources to help those who are preparing for the CWA Exam. Learn more about the CWA exam with our Certification FAQs.

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