A local chapter is an extension of the DAA and now it's right in your home town. Think of it as an educational branch office of the association.

Because chapters are actually part of DAA - not separate organizations - local organizers can avoid the hassle of incorporating, getting an IRS determination as non-profit, filing taxes (even if a non-profit does not pay taxes it still has to file a return) and other government reports. Being involved in a local DAA Chapter is a perfect way for members to enhance their career by:

  • Developing skills you can use in your professional life
  • Becoming more involved in the local community
  • Networking with other digital measurement professionals
  • Furthering your own career while helping others to the same, and
  • Encouraging knowledge-sharing through educational programs

Below is a listing of the current Chapters available to DAA members.  Members must be logged in first, and then may join a chapter by registering on the My Committees page for the chapter they are interested in. 

We look for a minimum amount of DAA members and non-member contacts in any potential Chapter city in order to ensure its success. If you are interested in starting a local Chapter, please contact the membership office to see if your city meets this threshold. 


Chapter Leaders:

  • Eric Richter, Keystone Solutions
  • Jana Pedersen, Search Discovery
  • Mark Redfern, Atlanta Digital Marketers
  • Rhonda Jones, Ask Y Digital Analytics, LLC


Chapter Leaders:

  • Ana Cardenas, IBM Watson Customer Engagement
  • Chitra Iyer, Kairoz Partners
  • Nishchay Mathur, Course5 Intelligence


Chapter Leaders:

  • Guru Rajan Anandhapadmanaphan, CVS Caremark 
  • Adam Ribaudo, Noise to Signal
  • Anupriya Rath, Everbridge


Chapter Leaders:

  • Ella Nguyen, Bounteous
  • Dan Vivaldelli, InfoTrust, LLC
  • Barbara Kalicki, TCS Education System
  • Braden Carlson, Accenture


Chapter Leaders:

  • David Gatdula, Adobe
  • Hector Olguin, TalkBox.Mom
  • Keefe Wong, JC Penney

Washington, DC

Chapter Leaders: 

  • Sara Hoffman, Blast Analytics & Marketing
  • Joe Miscavige, PBS
  • Emily Patterson, Bee Measure
  • Marissa Goldsmith, Goldsmith Interactive


Chapter Leaders:

  • Leo Chen, Location3
  • Steve Riegel, Merkle
  • Caitlin McCluskey, E-Nor

Los Angeles

Chapter Leaders:

  • Kerry Hew, Syntasa
  • Mark Osborne, Conversion Logic
  • Mike Harmanos

Minneapolis/St Paul

Chapter Leaders:

  • Dan Bahn, Corporate Image Group
  • Jessica Hose, Thrivent Financial
  • Lynn Lanphier, U.S. Bank
  • Brett Patterson, Siteimprove

New York City

Chapter Leaders:

  • Randal Ries, IBM
  • Rafael Lopez, Huge
  • Hannah Hutchison, Neo Media World


Chapter Leaders:

  • Bruce Segal, Vanguard
  • Danny Laws, DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC
  • Nikki Maloney-Ballard, Hero Digital


Chapter Leaders:

  • Reid Bryant, Blue Acorn iCi
  • Sudipta Dasmohapatra, Duke University
  • Samuel Itin, Cognetik
  • Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell

San Francisco

Chapter Leaders:

  • Charles Davis, Blast Analytics & Marketing
  • Prolet Miteva, Autodesk
  • Krista Seiden, KS Digital, LLC
  • Brian Brooks, Adobe


Chapter Leaders:

  • Kajoli Tankha, Microsoft
  • Peter Symuleski, NBCUniversal
  • Amy Wilder, EY


Chapter Leaders:

  • Baris Akyurek, TRADER Corporation
  • Jose Davila, ClickInsight
  • Sarah Hendriks, Siteimprove


Chapter Leaders:

  • Njeri Watkins, Digital Due Diligence Solutions
  • Sarah Viala, Cardinal Path
  • Damon Gudaitis, Caret Juice Marketing
  • Kasey Bayne, DataTrue

DAA Germany Affiliate (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

Chapter Leaders:

  • Timm Peters, Digital Motion
  • Karsten Wesch, Analytics Consultant

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