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The results for the DAA's 2016 Digital Analytics Industry Compensation and Benefits Study are here, and it's time to find out what your colleagues have to say about their compensation.

Sponsored by Google, the 2016 Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report is based on data submitted by more than 730 digital analytics professionals in November 2016.

Are you looking to evaluate staff salaries, benchmark your organization's compensation practices against industry standards, or assess your own earning potential? With DAA’s Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report, you can access valuable data on the average salary, total compensation and benefits offered for 16-digital analytics professional positions.

The Compensation Report classifies the data collected from individuals in the United States and internationally based on variables such as:
  • geographic location & metro
  • employer size & type
  • years of experience
  • education level
  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
Your copy of the report also includes FREE access to the on-demand webinar outlining the key findings,
2016 Digital Analytics Compensation Survey Results


Here’s what you’ll gain

Whether you’re an employee, a business owner, or looking to hire new staff, the information in this report will help you assess important industry trends related to:

  • 16 digital analytics professional positions
  • Compensation packages (salary, insurance, and additional benefits)
  • Education and years of experience of industry players
  • Regional and geographic trends
  • Job and compensation satisfaction
  • Impact of gender on careers and compensation in digital analytics

Interested in learning more about the Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report? Take a closer look at the report with this short preview into the full document. 

How to get the report

The 2016 Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report is offered to Professional Members for a discounted rate of $99.00. (That's $200 off the public price!)

This resource is provided FREE to those who completed the survey and to DAA Corporate and University Members. Please contact [email protected] to obtain your copy of this resource.

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Our special thank you to Google for underwriting this important initiative!


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Important Legal Notice

The 2016 Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report has been made available to you for the purpose of supporting you or individuals you work with through DAA and careers in digital analytics. All intellectual property rights in the DAA Compensation Report (including copyright) are owned by the Digital Analytics Association. By using the DAA Compensation Report, you agree to the DAA Legal & Copyright information policy, and you also expressly agree that you will not deal with the DAA Compensation Report in any way apart from the permitted purposes. In particular you will not:
  • Reproduce or incorporate the whole or any part of the 2016 Compensation Report in any work produced or authorized by you; or
  • Represent that the 2016 Compensation Report or any part of it was created by or is offered to the public by you.

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