DAA Germany

The Digital Analytics Association Germany is an official DAA affiliate country association for the German speaking region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Over the last few years, it has developed from a local community over a country organization to a professional association with full legal establishment in the country.

The European DAA affiliate association officially serves regional DAA members directly. All members of DAA Germany are full-fledged DAA members. Besides continuing to build up a professional digital analytics community, the DAA Germany focuses on publications, professional exchange, events and other activities for knowledge transfer. DAA Germany also partners and supports institutions and organizations in terms of digital analytics education, and cooperates in innovative projects.

For more information, visit www.digital-analytics-association.de (German speaking website). To join DAA Germany as a local supporting member download the DAA Germany membership application. To join DAA Germany and DAA national, join online.

Current DAA Germany leaders are Timm Peters, CEO of Digital Motion and Karsten Wesch, Digital Analytics Consultant.

Karsten Wesch

Timm Peters

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