DAA is your trusted source for all things pertaining to digital analytics learning. With everything from local Symposiums to a Self-Assessment to certificate programs to white papers to webinars to the DAA Cookbook to onsite training - DAA is your education partner for lifelong learning for your career in analytics. Advancing your career and obtaining further knowledge is as easy as a click of a button! If you have questions or ideas about DAA’s educational offerings, contact us or reach out to our Education Manager, Adrienne Segundo.

These educational opportunities are an effective way to increase your knowledge and personal skill-set in a specific area of learning that will position you to excel in the data analytics industry.

The 20 hour Analytics Academy enables learners to work at their own pace to increase knowledge and personal proficiency in specific areas of learning in the digital analytics industry.

The Digital Analytics Cookbook is the ultimate tool to establish best practices across the industry by the sharing, creating, and replicating of digital analyses by DAA members.

Rate yourself against the key competencies that have been defined to be a successful digital analyst in today’s job market.

DAA Symposia bring together digital analytics, web analytics, marketing and business professionals for a day of learning, knowledge-sharing and networking.

Let us bring the training to YOUR office.

Online training, Webinar Wednesday, On-Demand Webinars

Presented by DAA Sponsors and Corporate Members, these papers feature leading industry analysts and cover a variety of hot topics in digital analytics.

Are you looking for ways to become more connected with DAA? Check out the opportunities that we have to collaborate with your peers.

Questions? Contact our Education Manager Adrienne Segundo

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