Essential Series

The Essentials Series is a LIVE, interactive, discussion-based education program that is completely online, and only once a year.  Previously this course was only offered in person, and we received feedback asking us to make it easier and more cost-efficient to attend. 

This course is offered in 2 parts:  
-Fundamentals of Digital Analytics - where you will learn key competencies, and gain knowledge and skills in the areas of: data capture and measurement, reporting and forecasting, analytical business culture, site optimization, and marketing campaigns.
-Applying Digital Analytics - this course picks up where Fundamentals in Digital Analytics left off, by taking attendees deeper into applying web analytics processes and insight into the pitfalls to avoid.
Both classes will be taught by Anil Batra, Managing Director of Optizent, and will consist of:  Coursework/assignments to be completed prior to the online class.  The online classes will occur twice a week for approximately 1 hour, allowing students access to a SME for Q & A and/or class discussion.  Zoom will be used, and sessions will be recorded. 

If you would like to bring the Essentials Series Live to your organization, please contact Adrienne Segundo, DAA Education Manager

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