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Digital Analysts Job Desriptions

Hiring Simplified. Introducing the New Digital Analyst Job Descriptions

Due to popular demand, DAA has created Digital Analyst Job Descriptions, so you can hire and be hired.

DAA Digital Analyst Job Descriptions
Member: $99.00
Non-Member: $299.00
Corporate & University Members: Free with Discount Code. (Don't have your code? Contact Us.)

The Digital Analyst Job Descriptions are designed to help you find the best job seekers for your open positions. Whether you are seeking a senior digital analyst or recruiting for a new entry-level position, the examples provided in the Digital Analyst Job Descriptions can inform your efforts and expedite your hiring process.

Interested in learning more about the Digital Analyst Job Descriptions? Take a closer look at the job descriptions with this short preview into the full document.

What’s included?

Download the Job Descriptions and get all of these:
  • 15 job descriptions across four professionals levels (entry-level to executive)
  • Education, experience, and the skill level required to succeed
  • Career mobility and career paths
  • Must-know information about the profession
  • The Digital Analyst Competency Framework

Who’s it for?

  • Hiring managers
  • Human resources (HR) professionals
  • Digital analysts new to the profession
  • Students
  • Universities

The Digital Analyst Job Descriptions are offered to Professional Members for a discounted rate of $99.00. (That's $200 off the public price!) Corporate and University Members can get a copy for FREE. (Don't have your code? Contact Us.)

Interested in becoming a Corporate Member to get free access to the Job Descriptions and enjoy exclusive benefits, high visibility, and resources? Contact us today to find out more about Corporate Membership.

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