Marketing Analytics Summit

For 18 years the Marketing Analytics Summit (nee: eMetrics Summit) goes deep with presentations about measuring digital success through analytics.

Multiply your skills with the latest thinking, newest developments, and most current examples of data enriched marketing. Whether you are an analyst, an analytics manager or one who relies on analytics to excel in marketing, MAS is here to help YOU up your game as a professional.

Marketing Analytics Summit is where marketing professionals discuss, reimagine and collaborate.

Marketing Analytics Summit is the birthplace of the Digital Analytics Association. 

Marketing Analytics Summit because:

  • You cannot manage what you do not measure
  • You cannot predict the future without the right data from the past
  • You cannot convince all the people all the time with the same message
  • You cannot produce killer creative without insights garnered from data
  • You cannot keep up with rising consumer expectations by yourself
  • You cannot progress in your career without a wicked smart professional network

Invest In Yourself

We promise the Marketing Analytics Summit will be the most intellectually stimulating, engaging, and career-altering event you have ever attended.

The new knowledge, skills, contacts, and insights you garner from the Marketing Analytics Summit will help you help your company/clients make more, spend less, and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Data Driven Culture
  • Cross Channel Digital Analytics
  • Customer Centricity
  • Data Science for Marketing
  • Content Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • How Marketing Will Change Tomorrow

Exclusive Discounts

DAA members save 10% when using discount code: DAAMAS 

Learn more about the upcoming Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas
Learn more about the upcoming Marketing Analytics Summit London
Learn more about the upcoming Marketing Analytics Summit Berlin
Learn more about the upcoming Marketing Analytics Summit Milan

Reach out to your marketing department. The Marketing Analytics Summit is going to be the best place for them to learn about the analytics they get from you to be more data-driven. Take advantage of the Bring the Team Offer and see how much better life is when your 'clients' are better informed.

What Past Attendees Say:

Once again brought together a great collection of top industry minds to share how they’re grappling with the increasing variety of analytics challenges we’re facing.— Tim Wilson, Search Discovery

The best vendor neutral event in digital analytics – it can’t be beat for learning across a broad range of perspectives, industries and technologies. – Chris Johannessen, Sia Partners

Once again delivered a fire hose of new ideas, great people and community. – James Standen, nModal Solutions

Excellent experience, great content, learned a lot, met some really intelligent people, and will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the field of Digital Marketing. – Sachin Makhija, Intuit

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