Membership in the DAA provides individuals and organizations with an array of benefits focusing on:

  • Professional Development
  • Career Resources
  • Community and Networking

Review the membership types below and make an investment in yourself and/or your team!

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Individual Memberships

Group Memberships


An individual membership perfect for those who are industry practitioners, vendors and consultants.  If you have 5 or more digital or marketing professionals at your company consider a corporate membership!  

Learn more about Professional membership benefits.

Annual Dues: $249



Provides all employees access to membership benefits.   If your company has 5 or more digital or marketing professionals this is the right membership for your organization.  Learn more about Corporate membership benefits.

Dues are based on your company's annual revenue:
Revenue under $5 million:  $3,000
Revenue $5 -100 million:  $6,000
Revenue over $100 million:  $9,000 

Is your organization already a member? Sign up for an individual account.




For full-time students or faculty.

Individuals applying for this membership must provide proof of full-time academic status by emailing DAA with your .edu email, or sending a photo of your student/faculty ID or full-time class schedule.  

Please note, if you make an online payment but do not qualify for academic membership and request a refund, there will be a $10 transaction fee deducted resulting in a refund amount of $39.

Learn more about Academic membership benefits.

Annual Dues: $49


Universities with programs in digital analytics can now gain access, marketing exposure and more to the digital analytics industry. Enhance your student’s studies and careers and grow your faculty’s network and education with the new DAA University Membership category launched in 2015.

Learn more about the University membership benefits.

Annual Dues: 
$1,500 for up to 50 student and/or faculty memberships
$3,000 for an unlimited number of student/faculty memberships



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