Latest Short Course: Building a Bridge from Analytics to Data Science

Designed Specifically for Digital Analysts to Explore Data Science  

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – April 1, 2019 – The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) today launched their latest short-course certificate:  Building a Bridge from Analytics to Data Science, a self-paced, curated study experience for Data Analysts who seek to know more about Data Science. The program is designed to take only three to six hours to complete, including the knowledge test.

This unique short course is specifically aimed at existing Digital Analysts who may not want to become Data Scientists, but need to work with (or even manage) Data Scientists, and need to have a firm understanding of how the roles are differentiated. Wanting to grow Data Science skills means many things to many people – better stats knowledge, programmatic data manipulation (data wrangling), modeling etc. Building a Bridge from Analytics to Data Science helps participants understand how Data Science differs from Analytics and whether an analyst might want to dive deeper into Analytics or pursue Data Science further.

DAA’s short course certificate program enables learners to work at their own pace to increase knowledge and personal proficiency in a specific area of learning in the digital analytics industry. Five short courses have been launched; upon successful completion of the short course, DAA awards the individual a certificate in that specific area and also provide a badge that can be used within the DAA community or posted to a social media profile.

About the Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

The DAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered association whose mission is to make analytics professionals more effective and valuable through professional development and community. Its vision is advancing the profession of using data to improve business.

The DAA was founded as the Web Analytics Association in 2004. The organization has almost 5,000 members around the world, representing a broad spectrum of expertise. For more information about the DAA, or to become a member, visit the DAA website at

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