DAA Announces Global OneConference

Annual conference Oct 23-24 in Chicago to feature industry influencers and focus on the future

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – January 19, 2019 – In conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), the organization announced that it is hosting its first-ever global conference event – the DAA OneConference, October 23-24 in Chicago.

Held at the iconic Venue SIX10 on Michigan Avenue, the DAA OneConference will feature two full days of groundbreaking educational sessions, networking opportunities, and the presentation of the annual Quanties Awards.

Rusty Rahmer, current president of DAA and Head of Enterprise Digital Intelligence and Web Analytics at The Vanguard Group said, “The pace of growth and change in our industry has been astounding; in fact, continuous progress and evolution seem to be the only constants. And so it seems appropriate that in this, our 15th year as a professional organization, the DAA will bring some of our top industry leading members and thought leaders to present on the global stage to discuss and celebrate the history of our industry, where we are, and the direction things will likely be taking going forward. So if you’re serious about your building your career in digital analytics, this is ONE event you won’t want to miss.”

With an engaging roster of analytics leaders, small group workshops, and innovative sessions, attendees will gain valuable insights, discuss how the marketplace is evolving, and get a preview of what the future holds for digital analysts.

Early bird registration will open March 1; sponsorship inquiries can be directed to Matt Dirks, DAA Sponsorship Director.

About the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) The DAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered association whose mission is to make analytics professionals more effective and valuable through professional development and community. Its vision is advancing the profession of using data to improve business. The DAA was founded as the Web Analytics Association in 2004. The organization has almost 5,000 members around the world, representing a broad spectrum of expertise. For more information about the DAA, or to become a member, visit the DAA website at www.afnwqy.com.cn.

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