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Every month, there are more and more resources available in the world for digital analytics professionals and those seeking to learn more about our industry. Which are accurate? Which can you trust?

DAA is a respected clearinghouse for industry resources geared to furthering continued dialogue, education and unity among digital analytics professionals. Check out the resources below.

Do you want to partner with DAA on a research topic? Contact DAA’s Sponsorship Manager, Matt Dirks, to set up a meeting to learn more.

U.S. Data Privacy Report

DAA and Ebiquity partnered recently to survey U.S. companies on their GDPR implementation. The subsequent report addresses how U.S. companies have responded to GDPR a year after it's introduction, and considers the implications for compliance with the imminent arrival of new U.S. data privacy regulation. Access the report here.

Compensation Study

Are you looking to evaluate staff salaries, benchmark your organization's compensation practices against industry standards, or assess your own earning potential? With DAA’s Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report, you can access valuable data on the average salary, total compensation and benefits offered for 16-digital analytics professional positions. The report is available for free to Corporate and University members, at discount to Individual members, and available for purchase for non-members.

Below are two Compensation Scan Infographics, generously provided by IQ Workforce, which is available to the public.

Digital Analytics Benchmarking Survey

TMM Data and DAA conducted a benchmarking study in June – July, 2017 about data priorities and challenges. More than 800 DAA members participated in the survey. You can download the report or view the infographic.

Industry Research

DAA’s free white papers contain a wide variety of topics that help guide digital analysts to understand complex strategies, solve problems, and make decisions. Presented by DAA Corporate Members and Sponsors, these papers feature leading industry analysts and cover a variety of hot topics in digital analytics. Access these white papers.

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