Meet, Connect and Learn from Your Peers

The specific mission of each DAA Special Interest Group (SIG) is up to the members of each SIG to decide. From a high level perspective the purpose of DAA SIGs are to bring together members in specific niches of the digital analytics industry to network, connect, share best practices, discuss current issues they face in their jobs, and to learn from each other.

SIGs are member driven: frequency, location, and topics, are all driven by those participating in the SIG. Members of the SIG also determine who qualifies to participate.

DAA HQ provides administrative support including communicating with SIG members, providing an online community, meeting planning and more. And best of all, DAA SIGs are open to members only and included in your membership fee!

Currently, DAA has an active Media/Online Publishers SIG and a Corporate Member Leadership Forum (CMLF). If you are interested in an industry niche that is not listed below and would like to help start one, please let us know.

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