Women in Analytics Community

What it is: 

A community open to all DAA members who are interested in supporting gender equality within the profession and helping female analysts thrive.

WiA Mission:  What do we want to do?

Provide education, advocacy, and influence in order to increase understanding and activate resolution of issues facing women in analytics.

WiA Vision:  What kind of world do we want to see?    

An analytics profession that supports gender equality.

How WiA connects:

  • Quarterly Calls the 1st Thursday of every third month.  
  • DAA Members can join online via the WiA Community to discuss hot topics, keep track of WiA documents, and stay informed of upcoming WiA events.
  • A blog to showcase women who are successful analysts and to highlight issues important to females in this profession.
  • Thought Leader Conversations brought to you by Women in Analytics
  • If you have ideas for topics that you would like to see covered or if you have someone who you think should be spotlighted, please contact Catherine Hackney.

The DAA Mentoring Program
founded by WiA

If you are a professional in the digital analytics industry committed to growing as an analyst and advancing your career, you are a perfect fit to enroll in the newly expanded DAA Mentoring Program.

DAA's expanded mentoring program is open to all DAA members who wish to strengthen their skills and competencies in the thriving analytics profession. We invite all interested members to participate as mentees and mentors. Is there an area in which you excel and another area where you may need help? You can sign up as both a mentee and a mentor at the same time!

Mentors will be guiding analysts and digital marketers who are ready to take on the next stage of their career. Each mentoring relationship will be required to include at least one woman to uphold DAA’s standards of diversity and inclusion connected to the Women in Analytics initiative.

Learn more and enroll in the program today!

Contact [email protected] with questions.

We hope you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity to forge new relationships, gain expert guidance and collaborate with professionals across the thriving digital analytics industry.

Compensation Survey

WiA jumpstarted dialogue about the creation of a new compensation survey.   This new resource is now available. It focuses on the profession as a whole, but also includes questions specific to gender and race to help measure equality issues. This compensation study was made possible through the generous support of Google. Get the report here.

What's Missing?

What is missing from WiA? Well, if you are not a member yet - you. We welcome all DAA members to join us – women and men.

Please login and join the WiA community through the “Join/Leave Committees” page in your “My Account” area to get involved.


Current Sponsors
Blast Blast
Sponsorship Opportunities

Interesting in sponsoring the DAA Women in Analytics Community? Please contact Matt Dirks, Director of Sponsorships.

You can also learn more about Digital Analytics Association sponsorship opportunities here.

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