On-Site Workshops

Let us bring the training to YOUR office!

We know your team is busy, and leaving the office to attend a seminar or workshop may be difficult and costly. Let us bring the training to you! We can travel to your company and provide a full-day on-site workshop designed for you and your digital analytics team. Designed for up to 25 people, this option allows your entire team to receive the benefits of our training without having to leave the office.

Current Available Topics

If you are looking for something more customized, we can design it for you.

Contact Us

Want more information about the workshop content, pricing and logistics? Contact Adrienne Segundo to learn more about bringing a DAA workshop to your office.


"Our team is in transition, with new reports and trying new ways to show off our insights. This will be a huge help to set ourselves apart!"

"It reminded me of the important tips that sometimes get lost when working with various stakeholders. It was great to see another fan of Stephen Few demonstrate a practical application."

"I was wondering if we would be "sold to" and we weren't - this was very enjoyable, objective and useful information today. Thank you!"

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